We create and develop internet project

Techmas specializes on design, development and promotion of Internet projects for corporations and electronic commerce. We create productive web solutions for our customers, permitting:
  • To Crate new
  • To Generate
  • To Increase
  • To Increase


What do we propose?

On-line store

Platforms: Bitrix, YII
Our advantages:
  1. There are companies with 3+ billion annual proceeds among our clients
  2. 10+ years we work with the heavy traffic
  3. We have appearance of dimensioned implantation 1C, completely integrate WEB and ERP
  4. We are responsibility for our support and development
  5. We are the Silver partner of Bitrix
  • On-line store which doesn’t afraid of high capacity
  • Completely integration with ERP and exchange with the site
  • Free of charge business processes’ consulting on bases of our experience
  • Free of charge conception of on-line development
  • Mobile applications’ models for the business development

Corporative solution

Platforms: Bitrix, YII
Our advantages:
  1. We have an experience with as commercial customer as public organization
  2. We analyze customers’ business project and propose unique solutions
  3. We create adaptive and mobile versions of site by mobile developments’ professionals
  4. We propose complex of mobile solutions
  5. We are responsibility for our support during the all project’s life cycle
  • Functional web site, which solves the customer’s tasks
  • Free of charge conception of online development
  • Branded style and operating instruction
  • Collection of mobile application models’ for the project’s development



Completely front-end and back-end design, development and support.
Founded in 1991, Vasko.RU considered one of the pioneers in the sales of leading brands of household appliances in Russia. Nowadays - it is a large, capacitived online hypermarket, is continuing development and growth. To optimize the business processes of the company there was project’s implantation to 1C-Bitrix platform by Tecmas’ professional engineers, and additionally introduced a system of internal business process automatizaton and a analysis system of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Prognoz bezopasnosty

Design, development and consulting.
Socio-educational Internet project created by the Russian State Automobile Inspection and RUI ( Russian Union of Insurers ) , describing safety and educating drivers about weather and other factors on the road. There was been made a complex of design, development of web resources and mobile applications, and solution for online tenders on the site.


Completely design and support.
Corporative, informative site of the Galley Shipping Company, providing logistics services by sea, road and rail transport of cargos. Main specialization - multimodal transportation in the format "from door to door" The company uses all kinds of transport to ensure smooth and reliable transport of your cargos, including air transportation by their own subdivision Galley Avia. There was been completely done development of the composite "turnkey" project, now support it and administration.


Design, development and support.
High visited online store of household appliances and household goods, which has a wide range of everything you need for a comfortable everyday life of modern people. In addition, the company proposes its’ customers children's products and products for sport. There was done project’s integration to the customers’ holding surrounded information by Techmas’ employees, now we completely support this project.


Design and support.
Online kids' store that proposes not only shoes, clothes and toys, but also goods for activities for children and different kinds of hobby. They deliver goods all other the Russia.


Back-end development and consulting.
Online store of the manufacturer and seller of furniture and related goods. Own factories’ chain, and also warehouse and logistics structure permits to optimize prices, making them accessible to the widest range of consumers.


Design and support.
Internet portal of the private non-commercial educational institution "School of the harmonious development of "Facets"" more than 20 years teach the future students of art universities and just happy people who change their profession or just create there life by art. There is the school group of early development for young artists from 3 to 5 years, opened with the school. They study there in the early morning.


Internet projects’ consulting, design and development.
Corporate Internet - project of advertising - media agency of a full cycle. The principle FULL Service (Strategy, Creative, Design, Media) allows deadlier carry for the client’s idea, and as soon as possible realize even the most ambitious ideas. The Agency has the most wide promotion channels: TV, press, radio, Internet, outdoor advertising.


Express development and design.
Online marketplace largest wholesale food center of Europe and Russia. One of the main principles of the company - the highest quality combined with a favorable surrounding for the development and functioning .To do this, There was created comfortable pavilions and convenient parking automated by check-points with control system for the different kinds of vehicles . Road marking, numbering pavilions, sections, shopping malls and color accents of different sectors provide the convenience of orientation inside.


Back-end development, consulting and support.
Online store bright and original gifts, surprising and at the same time functional things. The company is already the largest supplier of the most fashionable design studios all around the world. No statues and bags, only functional items from the best manufacturers from Europe, America, Australia and Asia.


Back-end development and support.
Toys’ online store. Despite the store was been founded in 2013, it is already serves dozens of customers from Moscow, Saint - Petersburg and other cities every day. Own warehouse includes 8,000 products and it orders to deliver products. When people see a wide range of brands such as Hasbro and Mattel they can’t leave without anything.


Completely design, development and support.
One of the largest and well-established online stores of household appliances in the Moscow region. In addition to selling, the company provides services for the installation and connection technique. They have their own point of shipment, which provides the customers to save their money on delivery and make the purchase even more profitable.


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