Case studies

British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco

Application is used by BAT employees and provides functionality:
  • Collect data from retail
  • Store data from respondents
  • Demonstrate advertising materials
  • Browse personal KPI
  • Register participants on braded events


MGTS is one the largest Telecom operator in Russia (TOP-3). App MGTS Home helps not only review profile and current user profile, but also book home service including appliances repair, cleaning, and household assistance.


Social network helps to arrange sport and corporate events.


M-commerce application to discover and order items:
  • Animated item review
  • Adjusted search tool helping to get item by dynamic scroll bar
  • Special offers, news and offline store preview
  • Direct call to manager
ULTRA Svalka

ULTRA Svalka

Application coordinate call centers, truck drivers and places of storage of household waste:
  • Navigation to the garbage collection points
  • Online payment to process household waste
  • Online messenger


A number of online dashboards visualize sales, inventory, and financial indicators online. Application also provides internal analytics and decision support system.
Video Blog

Video Blog

Set of applications rolled out to connect celebrities and fans. Application has both admin accounts to produce small video on behalf of celebrity and user interface with news feed.


Audio and video lectures with additional description of historical events on maps, graphs, images and text.


Entertainment application with functionality:
  • Overlay images and erase with fingers online
  • Use both camera and phone gallery
  • Share in social media


M-commerce application with high-load sustainable architecture:
  • More than 20 000 SKU
  • More than 30 000 users online
  • More that 100 sections in catalog


Globex Bank

Timur Gubaidulin

Director of Consumer & Commercial Cards

During development Techmas demonstrated very high level of proficiency and deep focus on the project scope. The company illustrated flexible agile approach in accordance with corporate procedures. The implemented analytical web application tool was rolled out and produced significant positive impact on the marketing business processes.

The Russian Emperor History society

Nazarov Andrew

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Russian Emperor History society thanks Techmas for the mobile application development (iOS and Android) that provides modern historical animated lectures with the details and maps of the greatest episodes. Great team to work with.


Nagora Ishanova

Marketing Director

Techmas developed and rolled out complex analytical tool on both mobile and web platforms. It helps us to explore data online and automate the process of managing advertising campaigns.


Neverova Natalia

Operating in tough scheduling the project team has demonstrated the excellent communication skills and meet all the deadlines. Application connects to the lightboards by Bluetooth and controls the map of Moscow matro stations. Outstanding work!

Sorec Media

Kroshkin Sergey

Head of digital department

Safety Forecast notifies car drivers about traffic, road and weather conditions on mobile phone. Based on personal practises and preferences application shows specific recommendations and warnings. The key point was to implement the mathematical logic and prediction analysis. Well done!


Olga Volodina

General Manager

Techmas developed web site to find, rent, and buy exclusive real estate near seaside. While the exclusive customers expect easy way to search, the design was scrutinised in details with a lot of modern features. Great work. I would recommend Techmas to anyone who has exceptional requirements.


Ivan Abolonyshev

Head of online marketing

Our company worked with Techmas team for over 3 years and now the company continues to develop our apps. Mainly we outline


Farhad Faizulin

General Manager

Our company compelled to deal with highload applications. Therefore development team put significant efforts to meet all our expectations and target KPIs. As a result Techmas produced scalable and reliable website and connected mobile application (iOS + Android).


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