code audit, architecture adjustments, quality assurance, performance testing

Our engineers provide software code review to help clients evaluate risks and define the scalability measures of existing products in web & mobile.

Techmas produce a set of recommendations, QA analysis, and action plan to achieve sustainable client-server solutions.

Types of audit

MobileCode design, readability, performance, security, memory and network usage.
HTML/CSS/JSDesign and implementation, cross-browser testing, web performance, load testing.
Server & DatabaseSoftware and system maintainability, sustainability and scalability, stress testing.
Audit helps to find the answers:
  • Full report of existing code with metrics of its performance
  • Current vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Action plan for overall improvements and adjustments.
  • Use case scenarios including workarounds.
Techmas provides an expertise in the following areas: Java, Objective C, Swift, PHP (1c-Битрикс, YII), Javascript, Python (Django).




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